The NDTV Dialogues: The Re’caste’ing Of Indian Politics


On The NDTV Dialogues this week, our focus is on a tectonic political shift, the victory of President-elect Ram Nath Kovind, a powerful political symbol not just of social empowerment but also the completion of the BJP’s identity makeover in many ways. Politically, it is also the first time, that three most important political positions in India, the President, Prime Minister, Vice President are all BJP men and all from backward castes. To discuss what this means for Indian social challenges are Dr Narendra Jadhav, Rajya Sabha MP; Udit Raj Lok Sabha MP, BJP; Ashutosh from AAP; R Balashankar of BJP Central Team on Training & Publication and Debashish Jarariya of the BSP.

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  1. ramnath is not a dalit . he is bjp agent of dalit . we doesnot suppport him and he is not the president of 20 cror dalit and 25 cror muslims .. he is the president of rss and bjp only …

  2. Ha ha ha … This AAP m other f ucker says PM Modi was forced to make Mr Ramnath Kovind the President, and it has nothing to do with PM Modi's clear policy of "Sab ka saath sab ka vikas" … ??!! … Does this k utta have any respect for PM Modi's humble poor background from where he has risen to the top position of India … ??!!

  3. Congress and other secular parties have only showed their concern to muslims and dalits only through words. Even the dalit leaders that supported those parties are getting marginalized. BJP is the only party that has shown their concern for the dalits and muslims through action than words. Both the dalits and muslims have understood that they were taken for a ride all these decades. This is the reason dalits and muslims are slowly but surely coming behind BJP. These spokes persons will keep giving cover fire to those parties till they themselves will get marginalized. How long will you keep attacking BJP and RSS and go silent when dalits and muslims gets killed in non-bjp ruled states through many decades? Mere words of compassion is not enough and the sooner these people realize, it is better for everyone.

  4. Congress and the secular parties only talked about muslims and dalits for decades. Their own data in 2015 said that these communities are worse off than they were before. Congress and the secular parties showed their concerns for muslims and dalits only in words. BJP is showing inclusiveness in their action and not words.
    These spokespersons can twist it any other way. However, the facts will not change.

  5. Just to mention Rothit Vemula was not a Dalit & yeah i am from real dalit family i support BJP like every sane educated person will do