Taal Thok Ke : Is Congress politicising cow slaughtering with beef festival in Kerala?


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  1. What a sham debate….this thing happened in Kerala….and not a single person from Kerala to debate. BTW we the people of Kerala regardless of political affiliations and religious beliefs, we love beef……its very tasty. And there is nothing even within Hinduism that bans beef.

    North Indians should try our beef roast.

    Personally public slaughter was wrong….and the involved people should be punished.

    But beef festival i SUPPORT WHOLE HEARTEDLY. Its very tasty

    Thats my stand.

    And if anybody is wondering….I am a Hindu from Kerala…..and I am predominantly a Modi's supporter. And this video is authentic. In Kerala if u oppose beef festival, you won't get votes……even BJP members eat beef here.

  2. The congress, CPM and other so-called "secular" parties will go to any extend including killing calves and attacking Hindu sentiments to vent their anger against Modi and BJP? What sort of logic is this? Do they want to destroy India or are they trying to destroy themselves? Do they still think that the indian voters are fools?


  4. maxm mallus eats beaf thts why i hate them wts food fascism nobody stopping u to eat roti,chawal,dal,chicken,mutton,eggs.beaf nahi khaoge to sale mar nahi jaoge.kebal hindu ko chidane ke liye .beaf industry se jude logo ko dairy industry bhi chala sakte he and if jarurat pade to cow sloughter ke liye injection use kiya jaye

  5. agar ye desh me gae se zyada izzat larki ko di jati to aaj bharat kisibhi larki ke saat balatkar nahi hota. or rahi beef khane vo to hinduo ki bhagvan hai nahi kahi ye likha ho aapke holy books me gao bhagvan hai to plzz hame batade.

  6. भरी सड़क पर गाय काट दी, सुअर से पैदा बच्चे सुन,
    तेरी माँ की जात सुअर की ,उससे पैदा बच्चे सुन…
    तेरी माँ और सुअर बीच, निश्चित संसर्ग हुआ होगा,
    उसी से पैदा इस भारत मे ,ऐसा नीच हुआ होगा…
    इसीलिए तेरी माँ तुझ जैसे बच्चे पैदा करती है,
    भूल गये तुम नही नरक ;ये गौ माता की धरती है…
    तनिक धैर्य के कारण साले, तेरे पंख निकल आये,
    कुर्सी से हटते तेरे ऑका के ,ड़ंक निकल आये…
    कांग्रेस का लगा के झंड़ा , चेहरा जो दिखलाया है,
    भ्रमित देश को असली मुखड़ा ,आज समझ मे आया है…
    केरल मे ही गाय कटी क्यों, इस पर पहिले गौर करो,
    सात जात बदले कुनबे पर ,देश भरोसा और करो…
    लेकिन इनकी करतूतो ने ,इनका ऐसा हाल किया,
    तनिक कमी थी गौ वध करके, खून से केरल लाल किया..
    करने वाले खाने वाले, सबको दंड़ मिलेगा तय,
    हाय लगेगी उन सबको भी, जो इनको देते है शह…
    कलियुग के सब दानव और ,गौ माता के हत्यारो सुन,
    सुन सुअरो की औलादो ,और जयचंदो के प्यारो सुन…
    इस धरती पर जब जब, पाप बढा मुंहजोर हुआ,
    जब दानव के कुनबे का, यहाँ भयंकर शोर हुआ…
    तब तब देवो की भूमि पर, इनको दंड़ मिला भारी,
    एक लख पूत ,सवा लख नाती, के ऑगन मे गूँज ना पाई किलकारी…
    अब दावा तू तो क्या, तेरे ऑका तक मिट जायेगे,
    फिर से कृष्ण धरा पर, तेरा वंश मिटाने आयेगे…

  7. Congress leader Rijil Mukutti’s slaughtering of calf at public square in Kerala & Beef festivals by Communists in various states to provoke Hindus not only shows their sinful motives but also shows their ignorance of the law banning sale of cattle for slaughter at animal markets. India’s live-stock market is steeped in 15th century practices & needs modernization. Segregation of cattle for productive purposes like milk, rural transport, tilling & high-breed genetics needs to be separated from sale of live stock for meat consumption. This segregation is necessary to safeguard health of consumers as only certified animals can be taken by butchers for slaughter – right now it is free for all.

    Even the butcher outlets need regulation where fly-infested carcasses are a common sight at meat shops, sick-infected animals are slaughtered, wastes are dumped in the municipal bins, animals are slaughtered in full view of public & stale meat is either mixed with fresh meat or sold to restaurants for profit. Glass-door refrigerators with hooks for hanging carcasses or of shelf type are a must in all civilized societies and India must move forward in this direction & Prime Minister's “Mudra Loans” can help upgrade the meat shops. Congressys & Communists have proved themselves to be too primitive to come to sync with modern India & have been rightly thrown into the dustbin by the electorate. There is no harm in India developing its identity as a beef-free, mutton-eating society. Like our films, music & dance, this can also be our unique identity. After all Jews eat Kosher & Muslim halal with several other meat restrictions.