Only/Top 10 Best 2016 Summer Anime You Have to See


top 10 epic moments/action/fights everythingthe makes an anime good


  1. When I saw Qualidea Code, I was excited someone finally put it in their top Summer 2016 anime list. Unfortunately, it wasn't there and was sadly replaced by (oh crap!) Re:Zero, with the cringefest of a protagonist that was Subaru Natsuki who could do (guess what…) NOTHING and whined all the time!

  2. If Zestiria The X had the original storyline instead of some crappy AU then the anime would have more than just pretty animation. I mean, the game storyline clearly isn't the best but it's at least a lot better than the crap they gave us with The X >.<

  3. Re:Zero was good, but man I fucking hated Subaru, his character was cringe, still a good anime, definitely not above Mob Psycho.

  4. HEY NUX ,II hope you find my comment helpful:
    I asked myself why orange was called by that a few months ago but when i looked for the author his name was orange ,lol of course it was in japanese ,check his name out

  5. The summaries seem a little like you were dumbing them down for comedy but it makes a lot of them seem so much worse, just like you mentioned, but it really made me cringe when a series I liked was highly recommended/complimented by you but I could imagine people brushing off.

    Also if you're going to repeat such short clips of the OP, I would personally recommend making them much quieter, it's not overpowering your own voice audio per say, but they are just a little too close and i wouldn't have noticed it as blaringly without the sudden quiet seconds before it starts again, it would be wonderful to like…suddenly really listen and notice "ooh my god was that music always there?? ahaha I didnt even notice!!" you know like that sudden little chocolate bunny feeling.

  6. a cheer for all those who watched ReZero 1 episode a week. (including me)
    1 episode a day is being too impatient and not feeling the required amount pain.

  7. hey nux taku I saw your patreon account im currently trying to become a anime reviewer myself I feel like I may come across some similar issues (I have a wife and kid lol)if you had time would you mind answering a few questions I had thanks man

  8. Im amazed. This was probably the best anime list video I've seen thus far. Keep doin what you're doing bro. (y)

  9. Thanks dude I got the playlist of anime to watch.
    As for Re:Zero I wanted to stretch, then I succumbed to story and Marathoned in a night (Although I waited till the end after first 5 Ep.)
    Expecting the other anime lists soon. Thanks.