DNA: Know why is ‘tomato’ costliest vegetable in India today


Suddenly tomato has been missing from our favourite recipes and markets. The cost of tomato is estimated to be somewhere around ₹40-50. Watch to know why is it burdening the pockets so much.

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  1. ज़ी समाचार के समस्त सदस्यों को हर हिन्दुस्तानी का सलाम जय जवान जय किसान जय मोदी जय भारत माता की वन्देमातरम

  2. Tin char din wala brat se achcha hai SUN-DRIED Tomatos. Videsh me gore log SUN-DRIED Tomatoes pasand karte hai. Kachcha tomatoes se achar ban sakte.

  3. Zee news your reporting shows your sensitivity towards common man

    I was just searching for tomato in my fridge 2 hours ago before watching this report….well I didn't got the tomatoes but now I know the reason behind it