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  1. Wait… 1200? I pay 120 bucks period for two people… so even if kids cost the same amount i'd need ten family members in Canada to have to pay that much. Single PAYER people!

  2. Furthermore, generals and military men are important people to respect and regard in their fields.. but there are OTHER people that are important to listen to that Trump won't: Economists, scientists, environmentalists, Doctors… People Trump needs to listen to and won't….

  3. UGH the problem is NOT Kelly or Priebus or Mooch or Spicer: The problem is TRUMP. Nothing is going to solve that except getting Trump out of office.

  4. What a ball sack. Is it fair that congress has the best insurance available, paid for with our tax money, and their deciding what all us peons get?

  5. Mulvaney is Donnie's cheerleader he will not honestly answer any questions. I can't stand this blind allegiance to a member of the Russian Mafia. The Trump family has been laundering money for the Russians for years. That's why he is worried about Muller looking at his tax records.

  6. Kelly is RACIST just like Bannon or Sessions! I don't care if he is a general. He is simply a shity person… just like the rest of Trump ASS LEAKERS!!!

  7. Trump is VERY EFFICIENT in ONLY ONE THING – BRINGING ALL SHIT TO THE WH. Very soon this WH will stink so much that it will be felt even in Antarctica!

  8. I doesn't matter who is working on healthcare. You can not cut $800,000,000 from healthcare and make it work!!! It's very easy don't cut the healthcare 800 billion dollars.

  9. I think the thing that bothers Americans is that some people will take advantage of the system it inevitable that con men will try to scam the system you just have to deal with it it's a tiny amount and if you catch them you put them in jail but most people pay their own way and only go to the doc when they need to

  10. why don't trump stop complaining and help, all he does is talk talk talk, lie, lie, lie, stirring up trouble. face it, trump is no president, he is mentally ill and deranged. he is running the white house like a mafia, i don't know how people can sit by and watch this and still support this bufoon.

  11. I hate to see the Healthcare Bill failed, but I respect Ms. Collins based on her principles. But "Traitor Songbird McCain", should be made to suffer every pain he so rightly deserves till the day he die.

  12. WOW I CAN'T Watch the State of depressed Union today CNN JAKE "SNAKE EYES" Tapper is going to have Democratic socialist Bernie "Mr Bengay" Sanders along with Faux Republican And CUNT Susan "Turncoat Collins" who's talks like she's afraid of her own shadow but doesn't mind betraying he Americans that voter for her over her promise to vote to repeal and replace Obummer care