7 Bollywood Actress who Looks Indian but not Born in India | Bollywood Talk


7 Bollywood Actress who Looks Indian but not Born in India.

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1. Alia Bhatt

2. Deepika Padukone

3. Elli Avram

4. Jacqueline Fernandez

5. Katrina Kaif

6. Sunny Leone

7. Nargis Fakhri

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  1. the point is they all are have the Indian genetics and parents r Indians no? so where ever u r born will not change ur look. lol
    impossible a Chinese couple have baby just because he or she born in America then the baby will look like Leonardo DiCaprio lol . DNA doesn't go anywhere .

  2. only 2 of them i.e. sunny and deepika have pure indian origin.. Jacqueline and Ellie r complete outsiders.. so is nargis fakhri being paki-american.. alia is half german and kat is half british..