10 Things Your Eye Color Reveals About You


What does you eye color reveal about your health and personality? Watch and find out. Like if you agree! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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So much can be said through someone eyes; if they are sad, happy, shocked, or even in love. Our eyes reveal our souls, and some believe they can be the gateways to other dimensions. It is also believed that someone’s eye color can determine there character, and disposition. If you have violet eyes you could be mystical and noble. If you have amber eyes, you could travel in packs and be sensitive to full moons like a wolf. So, what does your eye color say about you?

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  1. My eyes are blue and extremely light , every time i go out i get so much attention growing up and it's annoying. People say i have really rare eyes n looks because i'm puerto rican. It's sparkle like the blue ocean

  2. I make a lot of people in my school happy and laugh. So I have a friend that getsSad offenly so I cheer her up by making up jokes and tell her The she can play with me. And my sister has brown eyes and makes up very funny jokes

  3. I have dark yellow eyes lol and BTW I actually have different eyelashes like: left eye eyelashes is yellow and the other side is brown

  4. Wtf that's untrue blue eyes are the most trustworthy people im shy quite and I keep dark secrets this spokesperson is stupid