10 Hottest Wives of Indian Cricketers All Time


Shikhar Dhawan is known as one of the ‘jamais of kolkata’ (son-in-law). The reason behind such unique title is his hot wife Ayesha Mukherjee. They met on internet and soon their love story started from that point of time. She is an Anglo Indian as her mother is an English woman and her father is Indian. She is fluent in Bengali and English and she are going strong with each other. She is surely a part of the list of Indian cricketers and their hot wives.

Dipika Pallikal: She is a popular squash player of the country. She is a talented young woman who has brought lots of trophies and pride for the country. She is married to cricketer Dinesh Kartik and is considered as one of the hottest Indian cricketers wives. She is beautiful, talented, bold and she is there supporting her husband in crucial matches that he plays.

Geeta Basra: Harbhajan 

Singh needs no introduction so as his wife! She is one of the most talented actresses of the country and she is married to one of the most talented bowlers of India. Not only a cricketer, but Harbhajan is also a cop in the Punjab Police. This duo got married in 2015 and the whole Indian cricket team joined their favourite ‘bhajji’ in this new phase of his life.

Hazel Keech: 

Talking about hot wives of Indian cricketers? This one film old beautiful damsel is there in the list. She is the wife of one of the biggest contenders of the captain post of Indian cricket team Yuvraj Singh. They got married in 2016 and are counted as one of the hottest pairs of today’s world. Hazel is talented and beautiful and they shared a wonderful love story that can evoke the plot of any bollywood movie!

Natasha Jain Gambhir: 

Wife of Indian opener Gautam Gambhir and the mom of his kid, she is one of the top 10 hottest cricketers wife. She is the daughter of one of the most successful businessmen of the country and the wife of the captain of ‘Kolkata Knight Riders’ team that represents Kolkata in IPL tournament. She is one of the most Gorgeous and Beautiful Wives of Cricketers and she is mostly seen standing and cheering her husband in IPL matches.

Prithi Ashwin: 

Married to Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin, she is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous wives of Indian cricketers. They got married in 2011 and since then she is very supportive towards her husband and she is always there cheering for her husband. She is surely one of the most beautiful wives of Indian cricketers.

Priyanka Chaudhary: 

She was one of the Indian cricketers hot girlfriends turned wives. She is the childhood friend of cricketer Suresh Raina and they got hitched in 2015. Suresh is surely one of the most talented married Indian cricketers. He is best paired with MS Dhoni and they both played for Chennai Super kings as well!

Ritika Sajdeh Sharma: 

Her husband is one of the most talented cricketers that India has. Wife of Rohit Sharma, she is surely gorgeous. When the Indian cricket team wives are permitted to travel with their husbands, she is seen with Rohit in the matches, supporting him and cheering him.

Sakshi Singh Dhoni: 

Wife to the captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni she’s a wonderful woman supporting her husband in every thick and thin. Sharing his good and bad equally makes her one of the wonderful Indian cricketer’s wife and family.

Sheetal Goutham Uthappa: 

She was one of the most famous cricketer’s girlfriends turned wives. She is the wife of Indian opener Robin Uthappa. She is seen supporting her husband in almost all matches of India and Kolkata Knight Riders.

Sushmita Roy: 

Her husband may not get regular chances in Indian national cricket team, but she is surely one of the most beautiful wives of all cricketers’ wives. She is the wife of Indian cricket player Manoj Tiwary.

Tania Wadhwa: 

Umesh Jadav is surely a brilliant bowler of Indian cricket team, but his wife is no way less attractive than him. The personal of this beautiful fashion designer is amazing.