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1 | Chao Mae Tuptim Shrine: The Penis Shrine
Small ones, big ones, wooden ones, colourful ones: there are penis replicas everywhere in the Chao Mae Tuptim Shrine in Bangkok! We dissolved in giggles at the sight of hundreds of penis statues at the shrine along the Khlong Saen Saep Canal but the shrine and its phalluses do have a serious purpose: in Thailand they are considered to be a symbol of good luck and are representative of fertility. The shrine is visited by women from all over Thailand who come to worship at the shrine in the hope of falling pregnant.
2 | David Beckham Buddha
After admiring hundreds and hundreds of golden Buddhas across Bangkok it was strange to spot a familiar face peeking out among the statues: carved into an intricate altar in a Bangkok temple sits a floppy haired David Beckham sporting his football kit!
3 | Cat Cafe
Cat cafes are exactly as the name suggests: cafes filled with gorgeous, cuddly cats. The idea behind the Bangkok cat cafes is that the tiny Bangkok city living spaces don’t lend themselves to keeping a cat so, instead, the locals visit a cat cafe for their cat fix.
4 | Rooftop Bars
In a city crammed full of skyscrapers Bangkok’s rooftop bars are an incredible way to see the city from the sky. The Sky Bar at Lebua is the most famous due to its starring role in The Hangover II movie but there are spectacular skyline views in bars all across the city. Bangkok comes alive when darkness falls and there’s nothing better than admiring the skyline with a cocktail in hand. Perfection!
5 | The Flower Market: Pak Khlong Talat
Pak Khlong Talat, which translates to ‘the market at the mouth of the canal’, is a wholesale Bangkok market and is best known for its flower market. The flower market is an explosion of colour and smell and it’s fascinating to see the stall ladies creating the flower garlands, wreaths and bouquets as the smell of jasmine fills the air.
6 | Maeklong Umbrella Market
It’s a 90 minute trip from Bangkok but Maeklong Umbrella Market is worth the journey for both the crazy umbrella happenings and its unique insight into local market life. As the train approaches a warning siren sounds to indicate its imminent arrival and this is followed by an instant rush by the stall holders to raise their awnings and make some room for the passing train! The market instantly transforms to an open air market and comes to a standstill as everyone waits for the train to arrive
7 | Ayutthaya
Ayutthaya isn’t exactly a hidden gem but the fact that it is so easily accessible from Bangkok was news to us. The UNESCO site of Ayutthaya is one hour in a mini van outside Bangkok. The ruins of the glorious old city are fascinating and Buddhas draped in orange sashes are a frequent sight. It’s an amazing day trip and one easily done from the capital city.
Nana Plaza (officially Nana Entertainment Plaza; shortened to NEP), occupying a three story red-light district building in Bangkok, claims be the largest sex complex in the world.[citation needed] It is on Sukhumvit Road Soi 4 about 20 metres (66 ft) from the Nana Hotel, and about 300 metres (330 yd) from the BTS Skytrain’s “Nana Station”. The name originates from the Nana family (Lek Nana being the most prominent member) which owns much property in the area and still has much influence in Thailand.
Along with Soi Cowboy and Patpong, Nana Plaza is one of the Bangkok red-light districts which attract primarily tourists.
The plaza’s U-shaped building is roughly square-shaped, with a single opening on the west side, and consists of a ground floor and two additional floors arranged around a courtyard. It started as a restaurant and shopping center in the late 1970s.
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